Floral and Event Design

Our Floral and Event Design services focus on sophisticated Classic and Modern, Artisan and Organic Weddings. We work closely with a design savvy Bride, planning down to every last design detail for the event. 

Whether it be an intimate gathering or a transformation of a setting, we will create and transform ideas into an intricately layered event, very personal to you. Through collaboration with our Clients, we work to create a sophisticated, organic and fun design style that meets your design expectations and style.

We brainstorm ideas with our Brides. Coordinating textures, flowers, fabrics and colors, shop for the perfect vase and accent pieces and have fun with our Brides in the process, while creating vision boards for the Wedding.

Our designs are hand-crafted, beautiful botanical creations, using flowers and foliage in natural, simplistic and layered ways from simple to chic, garden to rustic, vegetative to pavee'd, with a unique organic design style. The Flowers and plants range from amazing locally grown product to imports from all over the world.

Event Design services: Room layout and floor plans,  linens, rentals, lighting, tenting and props.






Interior Design

Our Interior Design style is influenced by timeless Architectural and Organic Design. We provide full scale Interior Design services and Staging of homes.

Creating the interior design of a home that captures who you are, the style, comfort and interests of yours, is what is most important to us. We design tranquil, sophisticated, beautiful and interesting settings that flow and where nature is part of the home. We utilize the natural light and natural elements of the home while bringing in very good design sense, space planning, complimentary color palettes, interesting textures, organic objects and custom furnishings. We take the entire home into consideration and carry our designs throughout to create a cohesive feeling. Whether it be a few simple design installations, a transformation of an interior of a home, or a staging of new and existing furnishings, we will create and transform a beautiful home for you.

It's all in the details and following through with them. From initial vision boards, selecting samples, gathering ideas, finding the perfect piece of artwork, table or trim.  Collaboration with our Clients is key and we look forward to bringing you beautiful designs for your home.

Our designs are organic and natural, sophisticated, layered and always interesting. Using sustainable resources from local artisans, distinct showrooms in the Bay Area and from all over the world.